I can dream …

12 Sep

So much has has happened in the world of gender inequality (that is, the actual world) during this blog’s lengthy hiatus, it would be foolish to attempt to cover everything.

I long to say how glad I am that, since I last posted, we now live in a culture where women who have campaigned to get a female face on an English banknote aren’t systematically targeted with death and rape threats, and that when they are, they are taken seriously by the police; or that female prime ministers are not publicly attacked with sexist abuse; or that it is regarded as just plain weird that magazines full of near-naked women would sit on supermarket shelves next to Peppa Pig magazine and the New Scientist; or that topless women were not compared with vegetables by tabloid newspapers in a sad attempt at wit. I wish I could be glad that statistics were not manufactured and misattributed by lazy journalists attempting to victim-blame and underplay the impact of a serious crime (as journalist Peter Lloyd did in a recent Daily Mail article, attributing a statistic to UK charity Rape Crisis that ‘almost 1 in 10 rape allegations are fake’ – a completely incorrect statement for which Rape Crisis has demanded a retraction and apology). I wish I could be happy that we live in a country where council cuts haven’t caused the destruction of essential services, meaning that the lives of women and children are put in danger.

But sadly I can’t.

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